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HP Recs

This is one of a couple Fic Rec posts I have been wanting to do since about 2009 for the requests I still to this day get for recs - especially HP. Obviously, I am a bit late and will add to this list as I see fit (aka whenever my child lets me).  Also, many of my SS/HG recs have come from the awesome GinnyW31.

Even though many of these fics are quite older, please review and show your appreciation for the enjoyment you receive and leave any vitriol at home.

Be forewarned! I care nothing for canon ships.Collapse )

I Am A Turd

I cannot believe it took me this long to read this. And I cannot believe I have not mentioned it before.

My beta and darling friend, siDEADde, wrote a prompt for the lgbtfest from the ever-wonderful minisinoo. It was a VERY VERY tall order and I am beyond proud to say that siDEADde's take on the prompt had me in chills. I just loved it. So please - go read, review. Spread the love.

Title: May We Walk in Beauty
Author: sideadde
Fandom: Twilight
Pairing/characters: Leah/Jasper - Friendship
Rating: T
Disclaimer: All characters in the story belong to Stephenie Meyer. No copywrite infringement is intended. Title is from a poem by Paula Gunn Allen. Again with the copywrite infringement.
Prompt by minisinoo: Leah is not just the first female werewolf, she's also winkte (to borrow a Lakota word). The older she gets, the more she realizes she misses the stability and familiarity Sam had offered, but not the sex. It's women who turn her head.
Summary: A few years after the epic battle that wasn't, Leah has found herself more and more unhappy. She turns to the only person who seems to notice her pain, but will she be happy with what he has to say?

If you have not read Cowboys & Indians by minisinoo - do that first. You'll not be wasting your time, I promise. You also need to have read that to truly see the tall order writing this prompt was ;)




I have been waiting for this since I posted my prompt.

The lgbtfest is in full swing and emibella picked up my Rosalie prompt and is the BEAUTIFUL FRUITS OF HER LABOR!!!!

Boundless by emibella written for the 2009 lgbtfest
Fandom: Twilight
Pairing/characters: Rosalie/Vera; Later Emmett
Rating: M, for adult situations
Wordcount: 7,199
Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns twilight, I mean no copyright infringement.
Original Promp by smellyia: Twilight, Rosalie/any female character or OC, In the interim between her creation as a vampire and when she found Emmett, there was another with whom she shared a passion and healing. This secret she holds dear, but on one afternoon her secret comes face-to-face with her secret. How does Rosalie reconcile her past to the life she leads now? Rosalie comes to the realization that Love is Love, whatever form it takes for her. **This slightly could be construed against the rules as in Canon she is in love with Emmett, but I am trying to get out that Rose finds herself not discerning of sex when it comes to who impacts her life and love. An understanding of her Bisexuality should be the ultimate goal here.
Summary: After Rosalie tells her story to Bella in Edward’s Room as written in Eclipse, she wonders if she should have told Bella the whole truth knowing that Edward is perfectly aware that she has been lying about her past for decades.

I less than three my emibella. Now go read and review her.

Snermione for MEEEEEEEEE!

The wondrous Snermione author, Deeble, has written me a fic. Ok well I won the fic at the Support Stacie auction, but semantics has never been my forte.

So yes. Go read this. Review it and please say loverly things. It is quite wondrous:

The Pleasure of That Madness by Deeble
Summary: When Severus Snape grudgingly agrees to test Hermione Granger's newly invented Charm, they keep getting the wrong result. Or possibly the right one.



Avalonia aka mysticgirl5 has finished her Leah Series of 3 Ficlets:

1. Independence Day: Breaking Dawn related one-shot: Leah makes the decision to break free from Sam and his pack. The first of three days that will change Leah's destiny forever.

2. A Day Without Rain: Reeling from yet another heartache, Leah spends the day with someone unexpected and ponders what's to come next. Takes place immediately after the end of Breaking Dawn. The second of three days that will alter Leah's destiny.

3. One Day I'll Fly Away: Leah Clearwater has broken away from the pack and made her way alone, but to truly move on, she must confront Sam, Emily, and a few harsh truths along the way...the third of three days that will change the course of Leah's life forever.

If you read -- please review and let her know I sent you!

Non-Fic Reads

Snow, Glass, Apples by Neil Gaiman: One of his best shorts ever - and that is saying something from this Master of the Craft. A unique and dark take on one of our favorite fairytales -- Snow White.

Twitter, Tweet & Twoot

Alrighty. I am in the mood for another dribble post filled with some Smellyia update, FicRecs and of course a Sevvie Pic.

1. lgbtfest. Read This WONDROUSNESS STAT!
In My Beginning Is My End by siDEADde
Summary: What could be more horrible than being separated from the one you love?
Prompt: While in a holding cell in Italy, Alice confesses to Bella that she had always loved her. The girls discover that their strength together as friends has always been fueled by more.

2. Tried Twitter - over it - but am a slave to the masses so you can find me @Smellyia original, no?

3. As always Snape rules me. It's an old pic and I found it Deviant Art by usagistu

4. And in the spirit of Snape go read this from the sshg_exchange
This Time by subversa 
I can't even tell you all how high up in my top ten of ANY fandom this fic ranks. It's made up of so many good things -- tragedy, magic, Severus getting a second chance to live his life, SO MUCH. Trust. It's worth an evening. Even if you aren't a SS/HG shipper. It's just that good.


YAY! Today is the day of the return of my fantabulous Erudite Book Club Meetings. We have all been so busy the last few weeks that we have not been able to meet. We are doing Murder Mysteries from Neil Gaiman's short anthology Smoke & Mirrors.

This is a wonderful way to conduct Book Club imo -- we just do shorts so it fits well in the time we have available to read (takes me about 15 minutes in the tub). We have one anthology we read from atm -- so it's cheap and we get HOURS of reading & discussion time out of it. Well, I do have to pay for my expensive tea or Goose -- but that's a personal choice ;D.

Really, I suggest this to any of you who want to do a book club, but just can't seem to find the time to actually READ material that is 24643168 pages long. And doing it online with the Fandom Homeslices keeps us on task -- well, pretty much on task. But it's just another way to bond and expand our minds! We use Gchat Group to do this, but I am trying to talk them into Skyping it with me.

A fantastic short by Gaiman -- My ALL-TIME FAVE OF HIS is called Snow, Glass, Apples. It is also in his S&M anthology, but here it is as well. I highly recommend this to anyone who doesn't mind an alternative POV on a classic fairytale.

On a side note -- seriously on BSG -- I KNEW IT STARBUCK -- I JUST KNEW IT. And I think I may be falling HARD for Dollhouse. No, sideadde  , you may NOT go on the Dushku diet.


This I Can Do For You

Title: This I Can Do For You
Category: Original Fiction, Short
Written For: The Twilighted Original Fiction Contest: Girl Power, Ghosts & Gorgeous Guys
AN: This Original Piece is owned by Smellyia. It may not be reproduced or copied without her permission.

This I Can Do For YouCollapse )